Some of the world’s leading companies, market research firms, and agencies turn to CCRG to supplement their internal research resources.

CCRG recruits thousands of qualified participants every year.  These studies range from live focus groups and in-depth interviews to online bulletin boards, multi-step research programs, ethnographic research, and longitudinal studies. Segments we’ve recruited include all types of healthcare providers, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, high net worth individuals, high or low-income consumers, and other hard to reach business and consumer audiences.

Consumer Recruiting

General population, niche profiles, and emerging technologies, we have it covered.

Online Prescreening

We use online tools to prescreen participants. This ensures that each person is personally vetted and qualified to participate in your study.

Business Recruiting

From business owners, C-level, IT or general workers, we recruit qualified participants in most industries.

Qualitative Research

We are your resource to include research design, moderation, recruiting, facility and reporting.

Healthcare Recruiting

We run the gamut and recruit most medical specialties and titles.

Quantitative Research

Online survey design and programmingsurvey fielding: online, data analysis, reporting, and findings.

Research Design / Methodology

CCRG consults with clients to ensure research objectives are met and that each study has qualified participants who show up on time.  Our attention to detail from screener design, interviewing, scheduling, and confirming is second to none.

Data / Panel

We can provide research participants through our internal panel, outside panels, social media or generate a new list through our online resources.

Incentive and Fulfilment Processing

We compensate your research participants via check, gift card, or PayPal.

Eight Reasons why clients choose CCRG?

Proven track record, meticulous execution, broad experience, ease of doing business, vast resources, clients come first, strategic insights, fair pricing

8 Reasons why clients choose CCRG